Property and Casualty

Commercial insurance is a vital ingredient in protecting the assets of your business. Brown & Brown’s team of trained professionals combine added service and knowledge components into an outstanding risk management program for you.

Our Services Include:

Loss Control
Coordinate on-site studies
Develop loss control & loss prevention program to minimize frequency & severity
Develop catastrophic plan to protect assets
Coordinate safety inspections and programs unique to your operation
Risk Management
Identify and analyze exposures to loss
Develop alternatives to deal with the identified exposures
Implement solutions
Monitor and make necessary changes
Determine methods for loss avoidance and retention
Market Place Review
Develop competitive bid specifications
Analyze proposals based on exposures
Evaluate financial condition of carriers
Keep abreast of legislative changes and requirements
Coordinate insurance program with risk manager
Participate in your management team
Allocate premiums by coverage, location, or entity
Current Plan Review
Review current program
Review leases and contracts
Review bonding requirements
Analyze claim experience
Self Insurance
Study feasibility
Evaluate funding agreements
Review and evaluate reinsurance contracts
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