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Employee Benefits

The investments you make in employee benefits deserve maximum returns.

At Brown & Brown, we have the expertise to assess your company’s employee benefit needs and the resources to implement a plan structured just for you.

As a comprehensive benefits consulting and brokerage firm, Brown & Brown works with organizations across a variety of industries. Our customers range from manufacturers and professional services firms to leading financial institutions to world-class technology companies. Brown & Brown stands at the ready to manage your benefits spending by developing competitive benefit programs that maximize quality for cost.

The Importance of Strategic Planning

At Brown & Brown of WA Inc. – Tacoma, we are committed to seeking the optimal insurance package for every one of our customers, combining active attention with due diligence.

Competitive employee benefits packages are essential to the process of attracting and retaining quality employees, but it can be difficult to continue offering these packages with the rising cost of healthcare. Cutting benefits may seem like a necessary reality for some companies, but it can have serious long-term ramifications within your organization.

A strategic benefit plan is a 3 to 5 year plan crafted by you and your Brown & Brown Consultant that outlines goals, strategies, and action plans you wish to implement into your employee benefits program. In creating the plan, you and your consultant will strategically analyze methods for containing costs through various plan improvements. This approach is a conscientious, methodical, and logical approach to benefit planning, which will provide a reliable road map for your future benefits.

At the company level, creating a strategic benefit plan will greatly improve the process of internal budget planning. You can also incorporate your benefits plan into your corporate strategic plan. This will bring HR and employee benefits into larger strategic conversations and it will ensure the longevity of your competitive benefits package.

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