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Commercial Insurance

The commercial insurance landscape is complex and ever-changing.

In addition to the ever-evolving insurance market, the very sources of risk itself continue to shift as larger trends emerge in business practices and regulations . Identifying how all of these factors affect your organization and responding with the right insurance program and risk management methods is critical to guaranteeing the success of your organization into the future. Your team at Brown & Brown is ready to accomplish this. We come uniquely equipped with extensive insurance expertise and a wide array of value-added services and risk management tools.

 What’s Your Insurance Strategy?

It is our ongoing mission at Brown & Brown of WA Inc. – Tacoma to provide precise and thorough expertise in each specific line of insurance you hold with us.

As the sixth-largest insurance intermediary in the United States, Brown & Brown has a wealth of experience across the industry spectrum and the resources and clout of a top-tier brokerage. However, we operate on a decentralized model where every local team can tailor our approach and services to best serve our customers. Your Brown & Brown Tacoma team is committed to providing the highest-level personal service while mobilizing the power of Brown & Brown to deliver superior results and creative solutions.

Our sole focus is achieving results for our customers. We seek to reduce our customers’ cost of risk, secure the best protection available, and provide services that minimize losses and save our customers time. We believe the role of a broker is to serve as a constant advocate and advisor, not to simply transact a policy each year.

We believe that it is only by being consistently engaged with our customers that we will come to truly understand their operations and be able to refine their insurance portfolio and risk management programs to optimal levels. Every organization is different, and we seek first to discover and understand our customers’ operations before recommending products and solutions rather than promoting a specific product or employing a one-size-fits-all approach.

Brown & Brown Tacoma is a dynamic enterprise positioned for growth. If you are not already a customer, we would love to meet you and discover how we can help your organization take control of your cost of risk. Our team of experts is eager to assist you.

We’ve Got You Covered

General Liability

These policies provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage arising out of your business operations.

Umbrella & Excess Liability

These policies provide higher limits of liability for organizations with greater exposure to loss or contractual requirements to meet.

Business Auto

These policies provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage arising out of the use of your vehicles.

Motor Carrier/Truckers

These policies provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage arising out of the use of vehicles by for-hire fleet operators.

Garage & Dealers

These policies provide specialized coverage for businesses in the automobile sales and service industry.


These policies provide coverage for your real property, personal property and the interruption of operations that result from loss of or damage to the same.

Professional Liability

Also known as Errors & Omissions Liability (E&O). These policies provide coverage for types of loss and damages outside the coverage of traditional general liability for claims alleging damages beyond property damage and bodily injury.

Management Liability

Includes: Directors & Officers, Employment Practices, and Fiduciary Liability. These policies provide coverage for the decisions and actions taken in managing your organization, dealing with employees, and fulfilling your fiduciary duties when sponsoring employee benefit plans.


These policies are designed for owners of goods in transit, regardless of whether those goods are transported in owned or un-owned vehicles.

Inland Marine & Equipment

These policies cover a variety of property types traditionally not covered on a property policy. This includes items that travel away from your location.


Cargo policies can be written to apply to any type of conveyance, be it motor truck, rail, ship, or plane. These policies cover organizations that move property owned by others.


While a property policy covers the theft of covered personal property, restrictive conditions make it inadequate in protecting against many criminal activities. Crime policies are designed to address these shortcomings.

Cyber Liability

Cyber liability covers suits, internal investigations, regulatory penalties, and business interruptions resulting from a breach of private information.


These policies cover the liability from operating aircraft, including the potential loss of these valuable assets.


These policies cover the liability from operating watercraft (i.e. Protection & Indemnity), as well as the potential loss of these vessels (Hull).

Foreign Packages

Conducting business and travelling to places under foreign jurisdiction present unique risks. These policies extend coverage outside of the U.S. and include coverage for concerns unique to foreign operations.

Kidnap & Ransom

These policies provide funds to respond to, and even pay for, ransom demands for kidnapped members of your organization.

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance covers loss from uncollectable receivables and can be an important tool in dealing with international receivables or freeing up liabilities on your balance sheet.

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a significant cost for every business. The U.S. is a patchwork of state workers’ compensation systems. Controlling rates and properly structuring coverage is critical, especially for businesses with a footprint in more than one state. Learn more here.

United States Longshore & Harbor Workers' Act (USL & H)

This realm of workers’ compensation offers coverage for workers operating on or along navigable waters. There are important differences in this federal statute that present potential coverage gaps and significant additional costs for organizations. We can also provide coverage for seamen subject to the Jones Act.

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds provide financial guarantees for bidding, performance of contract, fidelity, and a variety of other obligations.

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