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A National Scope

Brown & Brown Insurance is a publicly traded insurance intermediary with a market capitalization of over $7 billion and offices nationwide.

As an independent insurance intermediary, Brown & Brown provides a variety of insurance products and services through our licensed subsidiaries. Our four major business divisions provide insurance products and services to general businesses, corporations, governmental institutions, professional organizations, trade associations, families, and individuals. It is the sixth largest insurance intermediary in the United States and seventh in the world by Business Insurance. It is listed on the NYSE as BRO.

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Built on integrity, innovation, superior capabilities, and stability, we thrive in the competitive insurance environment.

Our culture of success enables us to identify new opportunities, adapt our products and services to best meet market demands, and satisfy the various needs of our customers. Our drive to provide the best service to our customers has made us one of the largest and most respected independent insurance intermediaries in the nation with more than 75 years of continuous service.

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Where in the World?

Our Brown & Brown offices range across the United States and beyond. We have offices in thirty states, including New York, California, Illinois, and Colorado. Regardless of your geography, Brown & Brown Insurance can offer a rich and rewarding career. For more information about our international brand, click here.

The Cheetah

Since our beginning, we’ve known that doing the best for our customers requires constant persistence and vision. The cheetah, which represents vision, swiftness, strength, and agility, embodies our corporate culture and has served as a symbol for our company since 1983.

Cheetahs also run in packs, as our Brown & Brown team is nothing if not that. Joined together by national unity and regional loyalty, we pride ourselves on our ability to give each customer the personalized service you want from a local agency and the exceptional peace-of-mind protection that you expect from one of the top 10 brokerage firms in the country.

The Brown & Brown Pledge

Honesty and integrity are cornerstones of the Brown & Brown culture. The Company’s reputation depends on the conduct of its representatives. All persons who are associated with the Company are expected to conduct themselves professionally and ethically in the course of their duties, and to comply with all laws applicable to the Company’s operations. At Brown & Brown we know that the price of integrity is eternal vigilance.

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