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Workers Comp (Multi-State)

Workers’ Compensation is all about the details, and so are we.

Many brokers simply quote and place a workers’ compensation policy for their customers and then walk away until renewal. While the costs may not initially be obvious, this hands-off approach can have devastating effects on an employer’s bottom line.

At Brown & Brown, we proactively manage every aspect of our customers’ workers compensation programs to make sure they’re benefiting from every advantage available in any state. We’ve developed a process and suite of services designed to maximize these savings for our customers.

Brown & Brown is proud to offer consultation on every step of this process:

  • Incident Tracking
  • Training Tracking
  • Job Description Tracking
  • Training Library
  • HR & Benefits Database

We’ve Got You Covered

Experience Modification Analysis

The experience modification factor is a multiplier applied to a business’ premium. The key to lowering premiums in the long term is to keep this factor low.

Whether you operate under NCCI, WCIRB or another independent state bureau, we understand the calculations and subtleties that affect your modification. Brown & Brown will analyze your experience modification factor to identify specific issues raising costs and form a customized strategy to mitigate those problems.

Alternative Plan Designs

You have many options when designing your workers’ compensation policy. We have experience with the entire gamut, from standard guaranteed-cost to fully loss sensitive options like self-insurance. There are advantages and disadvantages to each design and the calculus will vary by state.

Whichever direction you choose, Brown & Brown will help you design a policy that is best for your business.

Competitive Placement

As a national brokerage, Brown & Brown has established relationships with a huge number of insurance carriers. Our extensive market access allows us to create unparalleled competition between insurance companies for your account.

Let us show you how we can leverage our size and resources to secure the most competitive programs available.

Claims Management

For every claim, there is a spectrum of potential outcomes that can range from no premium impact to substantial increases in future rates. Each state’s system provides employers with different tools which mitigate the penalty associated with a claim.

Brown & Brown will identify the tools available for a given situation, help you understand the cost associated with each, and support you in deploying the most cost-effective response.

Budgeting & Rate Projections

Many employers are not given the information to understand how their workers compensation costs will change in the future. This uncertainty can make it very difficult for employers to develop an appropriate budget.

However, the information required to determine future rates is readily available months in advance. Brown & Brown will compile this data and provide projections so you always know what to expect.

Rating Bureau Compliance & Reporting

A rating bureau is responsible for keeping records and assigning experience modifications to businesses in a given state. Each bureau operates under different rules and with different schedules.

Brown & Brown ensures that our customers’ data is being accurately reported to avoid mistakes or penalties that can carry a significant cost.

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