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Workers Comp (WA L&I)

 Washington is one of only four states in the country that uses a monopolistic workers’ compensation system.

The majority of states operate in a privatized insurance system, with brokers at the ready to assist with claims and negotiate competitive prices with carriers. Employers in Washington State don’t have the luxury of retaining trained insurance professionals to navigate the complexities of the Department of Labor & Industries.

However, Washington State Law does give employers more control over how claims affect rates. Organizations with an understanding of the system enjoy the benefits of a competitive advantage through increased profit margins.

Washington employers have thus far been under-served by insurance brokers regarding L&I’s workers’ compensation. We at Brown & Brown feel it is our duty as risk managers to establish a strategic plan for our customers to reduce premium expenses and cultivate a safe work environment.  Proactive planning and attention to claims are key to reducing overall workers’ compensation premiums. Unattended claim expenses can grow exponentially and remain open for years to come

Brown & Brown is proud to offer consultation on every step of this process:

  • Incident Tracking
  • Training Tracking
  • Job Description Tracking
  • Training Library
  • HR & Benefits Database

We’ve Got You Covered

Budgeting/Experience Mod Forecasting
Is your most expensive line of insurance increasing next year, or decreasing? We can answer that question. By assisting you throughout the budgeting process, we can help determine your individual experience factor one year in advance. For contrast: Labor & Industry typically posts upcoming factors just two weeks before the beginning of calendar year.
Individual Claims Analysis
How much did that claim cost your organization? We analyze the actual expense of individual claims and review trends to establish strategic recommendations. Catastrophic claims can significantly impact an organization’s experience modification factor and increase premium expenses. However, smaller compensable claims are often ignored and more punitive in nature. Let us show you the impact of each claim.
Retrospecting Rating Plans
Washington State offers financial incentives to organizations with well-run risk management programs through retrospective rating. Employers can choose to be a part of a retro group or manage their own individual program. L&I awards partial refunds to groups or individuals that have losses below the standard L&I premiums. However, joining or starting retro program comes with some inherent risk. If an organization has a poor performance during a retro year, additional premiums can be assessed. Furthermore, not all retrospective groups are equal in size and performance.
Claims Management
Proactive claims management goes a long way in Washington in terms of reducing future premium expenses. Light Duty and Return-to-Work offerings are imperative to expediting claim closure and mitigating total incurred cost. However, every claim is different and requires a unique strategy to be implemented.
Risk Management Software Platform

Take full control of your overall risk management program. As our customer, you will have access to our cloud-based risk management software that will enable you to keep apprised of every facet of your company’s program.

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