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Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation can be one of your business’ largest costs.

As workers’ compensation specialists, our Brown & Brown consultants have the expertise to help your business no matter where you operate.

Workers’ compensation is a patchwork system with tremendous variation from one state to another. Successfully reducing workers’ compensation costs depends on your ability to effectively navigate each system to minimize penalties and maximize savings.

Our expert brokers understand the intricacies of each system and guide our clients through:

  • Plan selection and design
  • Competitive placement
  • Experience modification management
  • Claims management strategy

WA State (L&I)

As a monopolistic system, Washington workers’ compensation (L&I) is provided directly by the state. This provides unique challenges to managing your workers’ compensation cost.

Here at Brown & Brown, we’ve built a practice that delivers solutions designed specifically for the novel aspects of L&I. Let us help you cut through the noise.


For organizations operating in more than one state, the patchwork of regulations and markets can be a daunting hurdle to clear.  Reduction of workers’ comp costs can seem impossible.

Our consultants at Brown & Brown have the expertise to work effectively in any state where our customers operate. Wherever you are, we’ll be there to help.